Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jessie & Boys

Jessie is a dear friend & neighbor from my Pleasant Grove days.  She & fam were some of my earliest models - see here, and here - and we've been talking about doing pictures ever since.  Finally, here they are!

 She just might kill me for posting so many of her, but I really love this candid, carefree smile & messy hair - such a beautiful girl. 

As a photographer, sometimes you learn valuable lessons (aka make big mistakes) while shooting.  I love everything about this shot, except for the fuzzy, hazy presentation - not crisp like I usually strive for.  That's what happens when you try to use a f/2.8 on a big group who is far away, with a too-slow shutter speed (I think it was 1/125).  Lesson learned, but appreciate my beautiful mistake regardless!

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Jessie Eyre said...

I am just dying at the other shoots! Time has definitely flown by, hasn't it?! That black and white one from that middle shoot is still one of my favorite pictures of Wyatt EVER and still has its comfortable place in a huge frame in the middle of a room. I love it. I also have a few of the FIRST shoot still up on my walls, too....oh how different we all look. :)

And I love these, too. I feel like I have probably commented enough on this, but really, you are genius and I'm so grateful for your friendship and your willingness to mentor me in my crazy pursuits to becoming a better photographer.

Can't wait to get a few of THESE on my wall, too!
Loves and hugs!