What to Wear

Avoid white like the plague.  Don't wear all-white anything.  (Unless you're a bride, and then, well, we'll just make it work ;)

Look for textures - ruffles, collars, cardigans, jewelry, hair pieces - anything that provides interest and more depth to a photo.

Start with a piece you love - in my case, it was my son's outfit to the right - and start building around it.  The colors in his tie provided me a scheme and I dug through my closets for stuff I already had.  I added and subtracted dozens of pieces from this pile on the floor until I ended up with just the right combination.  Lay it out, you will see.

Avoid loud prints, unless you want it to be a focus of the photo.  Sometimes a loud print is fun - it's just risky, so be careful.  Or bring the piece along to use in some photos (like far away ones) and not in up-close ones (loud prints distract from your pretty face :)