Monday, September 19, 2011

Lighting Practice

As you can tell, I'm pushing it and trying new things - today was no exception, with the help of Aaron Despain (if you want to see someone amazing who has become a sensation overnight, check out his work on facebook or his website.)  I am in awe of his lighting, and he so kindly tutored me today in a middle-of-the-day shoot.  (Who does that!?  I'm terrified of sunlight, haha.)  Massive thanks for a fun and helpful time.

You won't believe me, but I didn't do a single thing to enhance her eyes here:

Backlighting + soft box flash: 

I love this backdrop and how these silos popped blue.  Without Aaron's softbox, I could never have exposed her so well and kept the detail in the background.

Have I mentioned I love this girl?  She is the greatest.  Thanks for modeling, Raquel - you are a natural, no matter how much you protest :)

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