Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sometimes, you just get lucky

This attractive couple didn't seem all that excited about getting their pictures taken.  You know how it is when a sis-in-law drags you to a required family picture, right?  You will see this handsome couple in the big family post coming up next, but I just keep thinking about these perfect photos we got in about six minutes.  Sometimes the stars align and you have beautiful natural light, beautiful people, and just a fun, fun time.

I think every one of these pictures is naturally gorgeous (very little editing) and full of fun & personality.

After this shot, I say "Husband, sit up a little straighter."

"Here, like this?" he says.

"Don't be stupid," she says.

"Don't YOU be stupid," he says.  

"Here, is this better?"

And then we get a winning shot:

...and she says "Good job, I knew you could do it!"

I beg to try them out in one more pose:
Another winning shot:

Let's kiss.  The end.

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