Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh Help. Child Portraits.

I can complain about this child because she's my own. And she won't look at me! The top two pictures are my favorites, and the only real "good" ones (in my opinion) out of the shoot, but I had to post a bunch so you could see just how many "not looking" pictures there are.
My admiration for child photographers continues to grow and grow.

Getting ready for Senior Pictures

We just decided to take a quick shoot to practice location ideas for next summer. I'd say it was a pretty productive 20 minutes - this girl has the most expressive face of anyone I've photographed. You'd never guess she's the quietest & shyest of the four sisters!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Family Pictures

We snuck in a quick shoot today between bouts of rain. Between bouts of children crying, too. Can you believe what angels they ended up being! This was so much fun. It would be nice if every shoot could be this quick and easy - and fruitful!

Family Christmas Card