How this works

First, give me a call, text, or email - I'm happy to chat about ideas, answer questions, or meet with Brides and Grooms as they make their photography decisions.

1) Choose a location and time and schedule it with me.
2) Dress your best and get ready to have fun! as we create awesome photos.  You will pay at session time.
3) All your best photos will be edited and ready within ONE WEEK (one month for weddings).
4) You receive a disc with all high quality images in color pop and black and white, ready to print/post/blog etc.

optional 5) If you'd like more intense editing on photos you plan to print/hang etc, get back to me within TWO WEEKS with up to 10 edit requests (20 for wedding photography).  

Why this strange #5 option?  Your disc already comes with photos edited with crisp, clear colors and black and white, and 90% of you don't notice the difference if I do more intense editing anyway.  If you're in love with the craze of extra sharp eyes, more intense colors/contrast, or need some fixes on white clothing/bright spots, I'm happy to oblige.  I want that extra editing time spent on images that are your favorites rather than mine.  Just send me an email/text/call to let me know which image #'s you'd like. 

Examples of more intense edits:

Darkening white shirts/dresses/blonde hair to bring the detail back in
Skin fix (blemishes)
Eye brightening and sharpening
Teeth whitening
Color enhancements - color pop in the background, clothing, etc.

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