Monday, September 23, 2013

Takin' care of business

It's time to change things up a little!  In an effort to make things easier & more affordable for everyone:


Family Sessions:
$125 for up to 4 people
$175 for 5+ people.  
UT or Davis Counties = $25 additional, unless I can get 2 or more sessions scheduled for the same travel.

$50 for Babies up to 13 mos old in my home "studio"; looks even better if you help provide blankets/colors/props.  I've got lots of white and a newborn basket :)

$50 for Headshots in my home/studio/yard.

$75 for Engagements or Individual Portraits in Salt Lake County, $25 additional in UT/Davis. 


  • I will have your photos finished within ONE WEEK.  (Yes!)
  • You still get a disc with allllll the best photos (anywhere from 40-100+) on disc in both a color pop edit and b&w edit.  I have realized that 90% of my customers don't notice/need any additional photoshopping beyond this.
  • Within 2 weeks you can request up to 10 more intense edits, if you choose, to brighten eyes/fix blemishes/deepen color/etc on your very favorite images.  This is done via email, you tell me the # and I'll email you the final edit.
  • If you'd like your disc mailed to you, it will be a $3 fee.

Questions?  Well, for making it this far, here's my own family photo from last week, re-edited by me (not super happy with this popular studio's quality of image, but their posing is to die for!)

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