Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Henry

While babysitting my only nephew yesterday, I pulled off a quick (and surprise) photo shoot.  Happy Birthday, Baby!
I am rather impressed with myself given that I had 3-kids-against-1 and not a single adult to help me keep the attention of this high energy 1 year old.  Here's the best I could do, and there are dozens of others on disc for his parents to remember his many facial expressions.  So glad to be your Aunt, Henry Rex!

If this face doesn't make you melt, well, you are beyond hope.  My heart strings felt a little tug every single time it came up in editing.


Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Oh my goodness I could just eat him up! Love those vibrant colors too.

Kendall said...

These are so adorable!!! Thanks a million, Lainy. Henry is lucky to have such a creative and talented aunt.