Saturday, October 22, 2011

Let's try something new, shall we?

This is one of those dream-come-true shoots where every single photo we took in our 1 hour was a winner.  Not kidding, usually I shoot 500-600 photos in a session with kids, but here we ended up with a miniscule 332 original photos, narrowed down to about 90 favorites, and I'm having a hard time narrowing it down any further.  (and don't get your hopes up for a shoot this lucky.  My family shoots are the exact opposite, and I'm okay with that.)

So here are a BUNCH.  [I really hope this works].


Eh, blogger won't let me post it as wide as I'd like, but oh well.  You get the idea.  This will save me 2 hours of blogging them one by one :)

The stars aligned so perfectly that the 90 shots would look very over-done if I did any more editing to them. Here are a few more that I wanted to see bigger on blog, however:


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Cari said...

I love them all! It doesn't surprise me they were all perfect. Sara is alot like my mom; everything they do is pretty perfect. I just wish I got that trait!