Thursday, April 9, 2009

This is a GREAT day

#1 reason - an amazing and dapper male who didn't complain at all for Senior Pictures, even with 3 women scrutinizing his every move. Isn't he handsome?

#2 reason - the most delicious lens I have ever laid hands on. And it's all mine. You can chalk these beautiful babies up to my new 17-55mm/2.8. Funny story - setting up the very first shot, I was making small talk and said "This is my brand new lens that costs almost as much as my camera" - mid-sentance I dropped it, catching it with my knees. OMGosh! I was standing on a huge boulder, too. Aaaaa! Small heart attack subsided.

Here's the "sneak peek" - I got on to just put a few up for tonight's curious family, but couldn't seem to stop myself.... rest assured, more to come.





ras2 12093


Stephanie said...

Wow, awesome blue eyes! The pictures look great Alaina.

Andee said...

Lucky girl! I bet your lens is fab! It's gonna be a while until I get more top line lenses. Those suckers are expensive! Way to go!!!

The Rasmussen Family said...

HAHAHA! I got to babysit the munchkins or I would have been the 4th woman involved in the fun photo shoot! Ryan is such a good sport...and can I just say...AMAZING JOB! I can't wait to see what the rest of them look like! Thanks for doing these, he had a great time!

Alaina said...

I don't know if "great time" explains how a boy feels about pictures... but he was a really good sport and didn't complain at all. Thank you Ryan!!!

Unknown said...

I am drooling right have the 2.8 18-70mm lense...and then I about had a heart attack laughing at the near drop...and fantastic save! I'm glad I am not the only one that just about destroys my lively hood by my butter fingers daily! LOVE the senior shots...I just did some there too...and am dying to get back there!