Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sabbath Sneak Peek

Okay, so I'm totally breaking my no-photoshopping-on-Sunday rule but I'm dying to get to my three shoots from this weekend. In an effort to satisfy your curiosity, my own excitement, and still try to keep this day holy, I give you the first cute photo I found from each shoot. More to come, but not on Sunday!





Alexa said...

Does that mean you got your new lens? The pictures look fabulous!

Alaina said...

I used the new lens (50mm/1.8) on the first shoot and half of the last shoot. It was too bright for the middle/sunset shoot. Man, it's going to take some getting used to, having a fixed lens - I got a workout! And I take back everything I said about it not being long enough - it's almost too long. But I'll make do :) I can't wait to try it indoors.

Taryn said...

Oh I'm sooo excited to see the rest. I love it. And it was so much nicer than our usual annual picture taking experience:)

Unknown said...

Your pictures are great! This is Nichole, Taryn's friend. I was wondering how much you charge for different things. I would love to possibly get some fun family pictures in the end of January. Thanks!