Thursday, May 1, 2008

Diva Dat (again)

Thanks Nat for letting me get as artistic as can be! This is why sisters are the greatest. Plus, I had a free model to try out a new photo spot - my neighbors backyard! Thank you for letting us traipse all over your property :)n7


Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Oh my word, Nat! You are so gorgeous! Alaina, I can't believe these pictures! You are GOOD!

kendall said...

Natalie is so beautiful! And these pictures are amazing, alaina. My favorite Nat picture is DEFINITELY the second one, and my favorite Alaina picture is the third one up. So bloody cute!

NatAttack said...

THanks sisters, you're very kind. Wind was definitely my biggest issue. Oh, and my face.

"ALaina, are you sure this pose covers my neck rolls?"
"No, your collar covers them."
"Oh great, thanks."

ju said...

holy freaking gorgeous. can you make me look like a top model?

Our EyreLife said...

No doubt about it, you're pro.


Alicia said...

Alaina and Nat--

Oh my FREAKING goodness. These are gorgeous! A great talent meets a beautiful face, and it turns to MAGIC (cue Disney logo fade-in...cheesy, I know).

When Alaina takes my pictures, I want her to make my face and hair look like Natalie's. End of story.